Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 Days.... Thank a crew member!

During my training for my first walk in 2005, I never really thought about crew members. (even though my husband, Jeff, was one of them) Crew was there to support ME! They had the easy job and I was doing the hard stuff - training, raising money... more training!

Well, my perspective certainly changed after Day One in 2005. Without the unending support of all the crew and volunteers, I and many other walkers, would not have made it. By the end of Day Two, I worshipped the ground they walked/rode on!! At the end of Day Three, I needed to pay it forward and be one of them!

Crew members are all volunteers. They donate their time, not just on event, but for months leading up to it... another version of training you could say. They are the first ones up and the last ones to crawl into their tents at night. They are there to focus on you... the walker.

I challenge each of you to thank one different crew member a day when you are on event. Ask them their role and why they are part of this incredible event. The reasons are just as diverse as yours are.

Have you hugged your crew member today? ;)

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