Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Days... Camp Experience

Ahhhh... Camp! That home away from home! :)

Camp is a great opportunity to pull together as a 3-Day Community. It's amazing to see how singular walkers, small teams, large teams, die-hard multi-event walkers and countless crew and volunteers come together to remember, share and celebrate.

Camp offers a place to sleep (beautiful pink tents), HOT showers (love those shower trucks), hot meals, lots to drink, a place to remember those no longer with us (rememberance tents), place to send e-mail (Love the 3-Day Cafe), a place to buy 3-Day gear, smiling medical folks to lend hand when needed and the best entertainment around (I love Jenne! I am soooo addicted to the Theme from the Greatest American Hero!)

I have heard the great debate between camp and a hotel and I have done both! Yup...both! Camp is definitely something to experience. And even on the times when I have gone to Camp Hilton, I never leave camp before lights out... I don't want to miss anything! ;)

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