Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1 Day... This is IT!! (no, not the MJ movie!)

Ok... it's time! Lace up those well worn sneakers, sport your best PINK shirt, fill those water bottles and let's make an impact! It all comes down to this! This is the icing on your 3-Day cake!

You have walked more that 60 miles already... many, many more! You have raised thousands of dollars to help end Breast Cancer. Now is the time to strut your stuff! Time to prove that Together Has Power! (Thanks Dave and Val!) The power of Pink is incredible and having 2,000 people moving for the same purpose is powerful!

Embrace the experience and experience everything. Remember, it's not a race. We are all on ONE team... the team to help end Breast Cancer.

If your journey takes you on a Sweep or SAG, embrace it. If you need to seek Medical assistance, embrace it. If you slow your pace to meet a new friend, embrace it!

If you get done for the day early (either by foot or other means), go and cheer on everyone else as they come in. Every walker matters, not matter how fast or slow. But I can say... the cheers for the last walker always seem to be a bit louder because it means that WE are all back together.

Together ... is powerful!!!

See you at Opening!
HUGS!!! Amy :)


Micki Santy said...

Best wishes to all the Orlando Walkers from an SF Bay Area Walker...You guys and gals Rock, and we're cheering you on from the other coast!!!


SF 3-Day, '09, '10...

Christopher said...

A big, hearty Hurray to the Orlando walkers and crew members. I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from the DC area! God bless you all.

Chris G
Twin Cities 06