Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who wants to save some money.... and save the Tatas!

That's right.... we can do both! :) From now until March 9th and save $25 off registration!

It's a great way to build your team and encourage friends and family to join us on the journey to A World Without Breast Cancer! :)

Amy :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Why should you attend a Getting Started Meeting?

I remembered my first Getting Started Meeting... it was in 2005 at the Tampa Bay 3-Day information event. It was the first year the walk had come to Tampa. I remembered walking into the USF Sun Dome wondering what I had got myself into. There were lots of people with the same questions looking for answers. Walkers, crew members.... even some folks who just wandering in off the street. I remember sitting in the Getting Started Meeting and it seemed like my questions were all being answered... like they saw the checklist that was over my head. By the time I left, I was sure of my decision and confident to go conquer this fundraising and training schedule set before me.

Ahhh... how time flies! Since then I have been to several Getting Started Meeting... yes, several! I know what you are thinking... aren't Getting Started Meetings for new walkers? NO! Getting Started Meetings are for anyone who wanted more information about the 3-Day.... walkers, crew members, volunteers... anyone! AND... it's not just for New Walkers or Crew.

I highly recommend for everyone to go to Getting Started Meetings... newbies and veterans! Here are a few reasons: 1) Information - the Getting Started Meetings are a great source of information on the event, training and fundraising. 2) Meeting fellow participants - It's a great place to meet other people who are taking the same journey as you. 3) Answers and Support - GSMs offer the chance to meet a Field Coordinator and Training Walk Leaders and even Crew Captains to help answer questions and offer support and guidance along the way.

Check out the 3-Day Calendar to find the next Getting Started Meeting in your area including this Thursday (2/11) here in Orlando.

Amy :)