Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 Days.... Fanny Pack

Ok... I have done the Fanny Pack post in the past!

Here's the link

But.... a few more things you may want to consider... or double check that you have!
1. Camera - There is so many great things to see along the way plus LOTS of photo spots... I like the silly photos that I always seem to be taking along the route!
2. Cash - ok, sometimes Twisty Treat just calls your name or you figure McDonald's Fries are the best carbs in the world! A few extra dollars in your fanny pack can be a lifesaver! ;p
3. Poncho - Yes, I have ordered the best possible weather for the Tampa event, but sometimes Mother Nature has other thoughts. ;) Just ask the Philly walkers! Besides, that poncho may also make the best picnic blanket for a lovely lunch under a tree! ;)
4. Blister pack - I know, you're heard it before. Plus you have trained and didn't get a single blister (lucky you!) BUT... you never know. Even though Medical is available at every pit stop and lunch sometimes a hot spot can't wait! Plus, someone you are walking with may need some assistance. We all look at for each other!


Anonymous said...

It took me until I actually got to the walk to figure out how to keep my digital camera available outside of the pack without the worry of losing it-- Hook it to the handle of your pack with a hook (carabiner). I think that is how you spell it. Have a great event!!!

Rebecca S.
Mi walker 07 and 08
Crew 09
back to walking 2010

Tina said...

Extra socks too!