Thursday, October 15, 2009

16 days .... Relocation

Ok... No one likes to have to relocate on event... but weather happens! The 3-Day's main concern is for walker and crew safety... period! If the weather is looking potentially dangerous, a Relocation happens.

If you are on the route, the main concern is to immediately get you out of harms way. This may mean closing the route temporarily or putting you on a bus and getting you to a safe area.

If a Relocation happens at camp, you will hear a VERY loud airhorn. This means quickly get out of your tent and relocate to the dining tent. If there is need for a more secure location, you may be put on a bus and taken to our Relocation area. Now most times these areas are near by and are usually schools but we have used malls and even parking garages.

Also remember to follow all crew instructions during a relo and practice patience! We all want to celebrate together at Closing Ceremonies! ;)

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