Sunday, October 11, 2009

19 Days - What to Pack....

Ok... it's time to think about what to pack!

We had a great What to Pack session on Thursday night and here are the basics... ok not so basics but this is a re-post... with additions! ;)

First of all, soft sided duffle bags work best. Leave the suitcase for your next vacation. Be creative with your bag. You will see lots of pink bags and finding yours in a sea of pink is not fun!

Once you have the bag, get another….garbage bag that is! Line the inside of your duffle bag with a garbage bag. Trucks get unloaded even in the rain, so be prepared. There’s nothing worse than rain while you walk but then add wet clothes to change in to…yucky!

I suggest packing all your stuff into 2.5 gallon Hefty zipper bags. Why you ask? 1. You can keep each day’s clothes together so there is no digging in the bottom of your bag for stuff. 2. Dryness …again! 3. They work great to put the stinky walking clothes back into after your shower. You have no idea what used walking clothes that have been fermenting for two days smell like! Why risk it?

As far as sleeping accommodations, pool floats work great. This time of year they are usually on clearance so keep your eyes peeled. Plus a hand pump works fine to inflate them. But a battery powered pump would be easier. Just remember…it adds weight to your bag and stress to our Gear and Tent Crew. Please be kind…35ish pounds per bag. A couple pounds over is fine….double the weight limit…nope!!

Also remember, everything must be in your duffle bag. You can not attach anything to your bag…ie sleeping bags, etc. This has happened before where folks have attached their sleeping bags to their duffles with bungee cords. Please avoid doing this. The hard working crew handles every piece of luggage and 9 times out of 10 the bungee cord comes undone and hurts someone.

Other things to think about - flash light for those late night bathroom visits, bug spray for early mornings, flip flops for the showers and maybe, just maybe a sweatshirt... so when the cooler weather arrives you will be ready! ;)

Also the $12 towel service is a MUST! You could take 4 showers a day and always have a clean, dry towel! :)

Use the check list on the 3-Day home page for reference. They have a really great list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)


Anonymous said...

I did a test run with my giant duffle bag, and after putting in my sleeping bag, twin size air mattress and pump, there is no room, nada, for anything else.

Kristen said...

Anonymous, I did the SF walk last weekend and found the same thing. I have no idea how people squish that much stuff into a smallish duffle. I did use those big vacuum seal bags to squish stuff down more, but even so, it didn't fit well.

Anonymous said...

Yep did this. Packed yoga mat to sleep on in bag. The key is: small sleeping bag. I have a backpackers mummy bag. I had lotsa room. Total weight = 25 lbs. Took warm stuff. SF was cold! Really cold and windy.

Victoria said...

Great post!!

I packed everything in a medium suitcase-- it does add weight, but I found it easier to pull it around on wheels-- even in the grass in SF. My friend's duffel bag ripped... my suitcase was perfect size for a twin mattress, pump, all the clothes and items listed in the book plus a warmer 3-in-1 jacket since we camped on the water. 33lbs, and I didn't have to put a heavy bag on my shoulder after 60 miles.. That backpackers mummy bag styled sleeping bag is a must!

Shelly said...

I agree! A small sleeping bag makes all the difference! You can find really warm, really SMALL sleeping bags. And if you've got a small sleeping bag but are worried about getting cold, you can buy a silk liner which folds up to about the size of a pair of socks that adds about 15 degrees of warmth. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

I am an ex philly walker and a crew member this year. Last year I bought a large or extra large wheeled duffle at the LLBean outlet and it miraculously fit everything. Make sure you squeeze the air out of your ziplocs as it will take up space. Also, think about an extra garbage bag to cover your bag during the night while you are sleeping. There is no room in those tents for your gear bag and you.

Graham (AKA Mr. August 2010) said...

It’s doable. I use a double air mattress with integrated pump and I sit on the sleeping bag to get the air out. Even with this equipment I get 35 lbs (ish) but please consider the Gear & Tent guys, There is nothing to say that you cannot take two smaller bags! I am going to get a liner for the sleeping bag this year for Philly, it was below freezing at the start of day 3. It’s worth spending the money and buying a light but good quality sleeping bag as you know you are going to walk next year. ;) I wouldn’t recommend the bug spray, take the single towel-lets / wipes to save weight again and you can put one or two in your fanny pack while working.
Graham (AKA Mr. August 2010)

Terje said...

I used a tarp to cover my duffel outside the tent but next year I'm using a heavy duty trash bag instead.

For the bug repellent, I found a bracelet at Whole Foods for about $5.00 that repealed the bugs marvelously for me, lasted the entire weekend and no spray. It does have a citronella smell which might be unappealing to some. I will definitely use it again next year.

Other items to consider - a second battery for you cell if you use one while at camp. They often have cell charger stations but the lines are long and you would probably prefer to be doing something else with your time.

Those chemlites are great to mark your tent at night. Decorating the tent will work too but, if you don't decorate, you need a land mark of some sort.

Sara said...

I'm headed to San Diego in a month and I've bookmarked this page! Thanks a million for putting this information together for us! :)

Anonymous said...

in waking next weekend and have not started packing this post was great!!