Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1 Day... This is IT!! (no, not the MJ movie!)

Ok... it's time! Lace up those well worn sneakers, sport your best PINK shirt, fill those water bottles and let's make an impact! It all comes down to this! This is the icing on your 3-Day cake!

You have walked more that 60 miles already... many, many more! You have raised thousands of dollars to help end Breast Cancer. Now is the time to strut your stuff! Time to prove that Together Has Power! (Thanks Dave and Val!) The power of Pink is incredible and having 2,000 people moving for the same purpose is powerful!

Embrace the experience and experience everything. Remember, it's not a race. We are all on ONE team... the team to help end Breast Cancer.

If your journey takes you on a Sweep or SAG, embrace it. If you need to seek Medical assistance, embrace it. If you slow your pace to meet a new friend, embrace it!

If you get done for the day early (either by foot or other means), go and cheer on everyone else as they come in. Every walker matters, not matter how fast or slow. But I can say... the cheers for the last walker always seem to be a bit louder because it means that WE are all back together.

Together ... is powerful!!!

See you at Opening!
HUGS!!! Amy :)

2 Days.... Breakfast

One last reminder... don't forget to eat before you arrive at Opening Ceremonies. There will be no food available there... and you will be standing around quite awhile before the route opens.

Bagels and bananas are easy and a great source of energy for the beginning for your journey!

PS... don't forget the Kleenex... opening always makes me cry! ;')

3 Days... more than a shirt!

At the end of every event you participate in, you get a victory shirt. Some are white, some are grey and the special ones are pink! All have special meanings to the wear-ee! My first victory shirt was a long sleeved, dark blue t-shirt... so practical for Florida! And despite the 90+ degree temperatures at closing, I wore it with pride!

But the more events I have done, the more I realize that it's more than a shirt. It's a sense of community... a common bond that only a handful of people in the world have stepped up to make the commitment to find a cure for Breast Cancer. It's about the people you meet along the way... walkers, crew members, volunteers, spectators... even the little kids at the end of their driveways with handmade signs showing their support. (sorry... teary moment!) It's about the people you walk for... mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, husbands, brothers. It's about the people you walk with... friends, family and total strangers... also know as "soon to be friends."

Enjoy the experience! The 3-Day is that... only 3 days... but the 3-Day lives on forever... in your heart! :)

4 Days.... Thank a crew member!

During my training for my first walk in 2005, I never really thought about crew members. (even though my husband, Jeff, was one of them) Crew was there to support ME! They had the easy job and I was doing the hard stuff - training, raising money... more training!

Well, my perspective certainly changed after Day One in 2005. Without the unending support of all the crew and volunteers, I and many other walkers, would not have made it. By the end of Day Two, I worshipped the ground they walked/rode on!! At the end of Day Three, I needed to pay it forward and be one of them!

Crew members are all volunteers. They donate their time, not just on event, but for months leading up to it... another version of training you could say. They are the first ones up and the last ones to crawl into their tents at night. They are there to focus on you... the walker.

I challenge each of you to thank one different crew member a day when you are on event. Ask them their role and why they are part of this incredible event. The reasons are just as diverse as yours are.

Have you hugged your crew member today? ;)

5 Days... Event Safety

Ok... I know, "Amy, you are a broken record." Maybe, but Safety is first and foremost!

The 3-Day's first concern is your safety... no matter what! Just ask any of the Philly walkers! Be award of your surrounds. Curbs just seem to pope up out of nowhere! And I have seen the damage a street sign can do!

So, that being said, please abide by all the safety rules outlined in your Online Check In. No cell phones, no ipods and no running. We want you to finish the event... safely! Plus crew members don't want to nag. I know I don't!

See you on the route!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 Days .... What's for dinner?

Ok... I am sure you have been asked the question by your family while you're on event "What's for Dinner?"

Here's a great idea for anyone in the Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Lakeland, or Clearwater areas.... How about Papa John's? Of course, kids and dads love pizza! But there is another benefit! From October 26 - November 1, order from any Papa John's listed on the attached flyer and mention that you want to donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day and 20% of your total will be donated to the 3-Day! See, it's a win/win!!

You can also order online using the code 3day09.

It's great for when you're on event or this week as you are doing your last minute preparation! Plus, it's great to celebrate your accomplishments on Sunday after the event... you know you don't want to cook! ;)

Click here for more info!!!

7 Days.... Cheering Stations and more!!

Everyone can use a little rah-rah in their live and especially on event on the 3-Day!

Check out the Spectator Section of the 3-Day's website....
Spectator Information

Tell everyone to come out and cheer you on!!! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Days... Credentials

This is probably the most important thing you will print from the 3-Day! Your credentials!!! This is your "Ticket to the 3-Day". No Credentials, no walk!

Log into your Participant Center and print them once you have completed Online Check In. If you have not finished Online Check In by October 25, you will have to go to the Check In Tent upon arriving at Opening Ceremonies and get them there.

Save the line and jump right to the front of the stage... print them out ahead of time! :)

9 Days... On Event Nutrition

Ok... now everyone who thought they would lose lots of weight training for the 3-Day raise your arms! Yes, my arm's up too! Well, how did that work out for you? Some people lose some weight, some folks tone up, some can't budge the needle!

Well, event weekend is not the time to "eat light". Every snack, meal, and beverage that is served on the 3-Day is done for a reason... to keep your body fueled for this long journey! Everything you consume from Pit 1 on Friday until holding on Sunday has been planned by a nutritionist to help your body perform at it's peak.

After all, experienced participants know that the walk is called "The 60 mile Buffet!" ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Days.... Attitude is Everything

I have had the privilege of participating in 9 events in the past 5 years and I will tell you that your attitude will determine your event. I know, it sounds a bit silly BUT attitude is everything!

You have trained (hopefully). You have raised awareness and money to help find a cure. You are ready to kick cancer's butt and some asphalt along the way!

But you are not doing this alone! There are thousands of other walkers, crew members, volunteers and supporters that are doing the same thing... at the same time!

While you are walking and raising more awareness, crew members and volunteers are looking out for your safety and well being. While you may interpret it as yelling ("Off Your Phone!"), we see it as looking out for you and allowing your to complete your 3-Day mission you started months ago. Please remember this.

Also, one other person to listen to... your body! If you need water, drink. If you need carbs, chips for everyone! If you need a ride, GET in the van! If you're not feeling right, go to Medical!

But also remember, there is no shame in getting in a sweep van, SAG bus or ask Medical to help out. I have heard too many people think they have failed because they got a ride for 1/2 a mile! REALLY? Think of how many miles you have already walked. Think of all the people you have reached out to for fundraising and support. No failure here! We all set out on a 60 Mile journey. How it's accomplished is not the most important part but that you accomplished it is far more important!!!

Patience, Kindness, Support and Smiles! That's what's important to make the most of your event.

11 Days.... Fanny Pack

Ok... I have done the Fanny Pack post in the past!

Here's the link

But.... a few more things you may want to consider... or double check that you have!
1. Camera - There is so many great things to see along the way plus LOTS of photo spots... I like the silly photos that I always seem to be taking along the route!
2. Cash - ok, sometimes Twisty Treat just calls your name or you figure McDonald's Fries are the best carbs in the world! A few extra dollars in your fanny pack can be a lifesaver! ;p
3. Poncho - Yes, I have ordered the best possible weather for the Tampa event, but sometimes Mother Nature has other thoughts. ;) Just ask the Philly walkers! Besides, that poncho may also make the best picnic blanket for a lovely lunch under a tree! ;)
4. Blister pack - I know, you're heard it before. Plus you have trained and didn't get a single blister (lucky you!) BUT... you never know. Even though Medical is available at every pit stop and lunch sometimes a hot spot can't wait! Plus, someone you are walking with may need some assistance. We all look at for each other!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Days ... Weather

Ok... if this weekend has taught us anything, it's to be prepared!

In case you haven't heard, the Philadelphia 3-Day turned into the Philadelphia 1-Day due to some very cold, wet, and windy weather! Remember, the 3-Day is concerned about your safety first and foremost!

Now is the time to start looking at the extended weather forecast and planning appropriately! If it looks like rain, pack an extra (yes, you should already have one!) poncho. If the weather is cooler, pack some extra layers... but make sure you train a little with them... extra layers can be a little different to walk in!

My point is simple... be aware! Weather has a big influence on our events and on your experience as a 3-Day participant! ;)

13 Days... Not Camping....

Ok... the great outdoors is not for everyone... no problem.

Yes, you are allowed to sleep somewhere else than camp.... of course, it may not be as much fun. :)

If you are leaving camp for the night, please sign out at the Pink Info Tent. It's very important that we know where you are. Also, when you return to camp the next morning make sure you check back in.

We love our Walkers and Crew and just want to make sure we know where you are! :)

14 Days.... ROCKSTAR

Sorry for the delay... the cold front made me hibernate!

So... you think you can sing? No, it's not a new TV show! It's time for 3-Day ROCK STAR!

Sign up to sing your favorite song on Friday night under the Dining Tent and be discovered!!! Our judging panel could send you to Hollywood.... or the finals on Saturday night! ;) And of course the winner gets a LIMO RIDE!!! Pink Star Limo of course!!! ;) Plus they get prizes! Who doesn't love prizes!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 days... Sleep!

Oh.. the long lost friend who we all have lost touch with during the months leading up to event. Training does take a number on your weekends of catching up on sleep. But it is so vital to maintaining enough energy for this incredible journey!

In the next 14 nights leading to event, try going to bed just 30 minutes earlier. This will help your body get acclimated to the idea of 4:30am wake up calls.

And just think.... you can get reaquainted with your friend Sleep in November! ;)

16 days .... Relocation

Ok... No one likes to have to relocate on event... but weather happens! The 3-Day's main concern is for walker and crew safety... period! If the weather is looking potentially dangerous, a Relocation happens.

If you are on the route, the main concern is to immediately get you out of harms way. This may mean closing the route temporarily or putting you on a bus and getting you to a safe area.

If a Relocation happens at camp, you will hear a VERY loud airhorn. This means quickly get out of your tent and relocate to the dining tent. If there is need for a more secure location, you may be put on a bus and taken to our Relocation area. Now most times these areas are near by and are usually schools but we have used malls and even parking garages.

Also remember to follow all crew instructions during a relo and practice patience! We all want to celebrate together at Closing Ceremonies! ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

17 Days .... Lost & Found on Event

Everyone loses stuff! It's just a fact... even on the 3-Day!

Good news! There is a Lost & Found located at Camp Services in case you lose something.... like your favorite hat or sunglasses, cameras or clothing. If possible, put your name on things like this so they can be return to you.

Plus... all the Lost & Found gear makes a FABULOUS Fashion Show during Saturday Night's Entertainment! ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

18 Days... Towel Service!!

This is a MUST! There is nothing better than after a long day walking to come back to a hot shower... after you have eaten and hydrated, of course! And have clean, fresh towels! Can you smell the fabric softner? ;)

Towel Service is $12 but worth every penny! You can buy it during Phase 2 of Online Check In or at Camp Services.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

19 Days - What to Pack....

Ok... it's time to think about what to pack!

We had a great What to Pack session on Thursday night and here are the basics... ok not so basics but this is a re-post... with additions! ;)

First of all, soft sided duffle bags work best. Leave the suitcase for your next vacation. Be creative with your bag. You will see lots of pink bags and finding yours in a sea of pink is not fun!

Once you have the bag, get another….garbage bag that is! Line the inside of your duffle bag with a garbage bag. Trucks get unloaded even in the rain, so be prepared. There’s nothing worse than rain while you walk but then add wet clothes to change in to…yucky!

I suggest packing all your stuff into 2.5 gallon Hefty zipper bags. Why you ask? 1. You can keep each day’s clothes together so there is no digging in the bottom of your bag for stuff. 2. Dryness …again! 3. They work great to put the stinky walking clothes back into after your shower. You have no idea what used walking clothes that have been fermenting for two days smell like! Why risk it?

As far as sleeping accommodations, pool floats work great. This time of year they are usually on clearance so keep your eyes peeled. Plus a hand pump works fine to inflate them. But a battery powered pump would be easier. Just remember…it adds weight to your bag and stress to our Gear and Tent Crew. Please be kind…35ish pounds per bag. A couple pounds over is fine….double the weight limit…nope!!

Also remember, everything must be in your duffle bag. You can not attach anything to your bag…ie sleeping bags, etc. This has happened before where folks have attached their sleeping bags to their duffles with bungee cords. Please avoid doing this. The hard working crew handles every piece of luggage and 9 times out of 10 the bungee cord comes undone and hurts someone.

Other things to think about - flash light for those late night bathroom visits, bug spray for early mornings, flip flops for the showers and maybe, just maybe a sweatshirt... so when the cooler weather arrives you will be ready! ;)

Also the $12 towel service is a MUST! You could take 4 showers a day and always have a clean, dry towel! :)

Use the check list on the 3-Day home page for reference. They have a really great list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Days... Camp Experience

Ahhhh... Camp! That home away from home! :)

Camp is a great opportunity to pull together as a 3-Day Community. It's amazing to see how singular walkers, small teams, large teams, die-hard multi-event walkers and countless crew and volunteers come together to remember, share and celebrate.

Camp offers a place to sleep (beautiful pink tents), HOT showers (love those shower trucks), hot meals, lots to drink, a place to remember those no longer with us (rememberance tents), place to send e-mail (Love the 3-Day Cafe), a place to buy 3-Day gear, smiling medical folks to lend hand when needed and the best entertainment around (I love Jenne! I am soooo addicted to the Theme from the Greatest American Hero!)

I have heard the great debate between camp and a hotel and I have done both! Yup...both! Camp is definitely something to experience. And even on the times when I have gone to Camp Hilton, I never leave camp before lights out... I don't want to miss anything! ;)

21 Days.... Sock & Feet... :)

(Ooops...Day behind!)

Don't forget to pack those extra socks in your fanny pack! Dry feet are happy feet! You will want to change your socks at lunch each day.

Also remember that when you feel a hot spot starting, deal with it right then!

Yes, the medical team is there to help, but you need to be able to treat your blisters as well. :) The Self-Service section at the medical tent is great... lots of moleskin, bandaids, second skin.... it's a walker's paradise! ;)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

22 Days..... Camp Mail and More

Everyone loves to get mail! Come on... admit it! You love ripping open the envelope to see who thought of you.... The same thing on the 3-Day. You can have friends and family send you letters and cards and have them delivered directly to camp.

Here's the address:
Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
P.O. Box 40366
St Petersburg, FL 33743

It's great to come back from out on the route and find mail! :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

23 Days.... STRETCH!

Oh.... stretching! Probably the one thing most walkers don't do enough of. You should be stretching every hour for 5 minutes. Basically at every pit stop you should spend 5 minutes stretching. While the big "walk" muscles need to be stretched (calves and hips), don't forget the back and shoulders too!

Also look for stretches you can do on the route. A stop light is a great opportunity to stretch those shoulders. The more you stretch, the better your body will feel.

Also take some time once you get to camp to use the yoga mats and do a good full body stretch! :)

24 Days.... (a day late!)


Yes, you know you need to drink... but don't forget the gatorade or sports drink! On event, you should be drinking approximately 1 bottle of water AND 1 bottle of gatorade every hour. I know this seems like a lot to drink but your body needs the fluid. Remember how much you sweat! You need to replace that fluid! And both are needed to help your body recover from this vigorous activity.

Plus remember to actually start hydrating for the event a couple days before the event. You should be drinking enough during the day that you have to get up at night to use the restroom.... yes, it should wake you up! ;) This is also true on event. Plan on at least one trip to the portapotty at night.

Remember ---- Drink + Pee = No IV! ;)

Monday, October 05, 2009

What to Pack for the 3-Day!

Ok.... let's talk about packing! I will be holding a "What to Pack" Session on the Crown Plaza Hotel on Universal Blvd. on Thursday, October 8th at 7pm. I will be there to show you how to pack for the 3-Day and keep your bag less than 35 pounds... yes, it's possible!!! Plus we'll answer any of those last minute questions you have!

Please RSVP to

25 Day Countdown until the Tampa Bay Event!

Hey there walkers~
We are 25 days until Opening Ceremonies. Are you ready?

I know you've been training.... wink, wink!!! And of course you think that you've walked more than you ever wanted to... but, you need to finish these last few weeks of training. These last few walks are helping you by developing muscular strengthen and endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness. This event is definitely a "marathon not a sprint!"

The last few walks are also a great time to finalize the all important gear (yes, you should be training in the clothes you will wear on event... including team shirts and any other "gear"... in this case, Halloween costumes are gear, as well as wigs, hats and other accessories! You are probably finding those snacks and drinks that help power your walk. Check back tomorrow for hydration tips leading up to event!

Walk and talk with you soon!
Amy :)