Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Days.... Attitude is Everything

I have had the privilege of participating in 9 events in the past 5 years and I will tell you that your attitude will determine your event. I know, it sounds a bit silly BUT attitude is everything!

You have trained (hopefully). You have raised awareness and money to help find a cure. You are ready to kick cancer's butt and some asphalt along the way!

But you are not doing this alone! There are thousands of other walkers, crew members, volunteers and supporters that are doing the same thing... at the same time!

While you are walking and raising more awareness, crew members and volunteers are looking out for your safety and well being. While you may interpret it as yelling ("Off Your Phone!"), we see it as looking out for you and allowing your to complete your 3-Day mission you started months ago. Please remember this.

Also, one other person to listen to... your body! If you need water, drink. If you need carbs, chips for everyone! If you need a ride, GET in the van! If you're not feeling right, go to Medical!

But also remember, there is no shame in getting in a sweep van, SAG bus or ask Medical to help out. I have heard too many people think they have failed because they got a ride for 1/2 a mile! REALLY? Think of how many miles you have already walked. Think of all the people you have reached out to for fundraising and support. No failure here! We all set out on a 60 Mile journey. How it's accomplished is not the most important part but that you accomplished it is far more important!!!

Patience, Kindness, Support and Smiles! That's what's important to make the most of your event.

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