Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

Hey there~
Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be walking Thursday, March 29 at Rose Place Park....yes, this one is official! ;)

Also I have posted all the walks I will be doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the 3-Day training calendar through August.

Hope to walk and talk with you soon! HUGS!

Amy :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Training Reminder

Hi All~
I hope everyone is getting ready for a great 2007 3-Day season. I see we have a various of cities that everyone will be visiting this year.

As you can see, I have posted a few training walks for this month. I know several of you are very anxious to start training....which is great. Just keep in mind that I am posting walks based on the Chicago walk training schedule.

I also will not be posting walks as regularly as last year. I will post at least one walk per week through the end of June and then at least two walks per week through August 9th.

There is also an orientation for walkers and crew this Saturday at the Orange County library downtown. Check the 3 day page for more details.

Walk and talk to you soon!
Amy :)

March 29th - Rose Place Park

When: March 29th- 6 pm start
Where: Rose Place Park - near MetroWest
MapQuest Address: 8200 Old Winter Garden Road Orlando, FL 32835
Mileage: 4 miles - easy pace

Restrooms are not available. Please bring your own hydration. No cellphones or ipods please.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

March 20th - Lake Eola

When: March 20th - 6 pm
Where: Lake Eola - Downtown - meet near the Swan Boats on the NW side of the park - parking lot
MapQuest Address: 101 N Rosalind Ave Orlando, FL 32801
Mileage: 3 miles - easy pace

Restrooms available. Please bring your own hydration. No cellphones or ipods please.

You can RSVP here on the blog or by email ( Just click the comment link under this post to RSVP here. :)

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

First Walk of 2007 - March 17th - Cady Way Trail

When: March 17th - 8 am
Where: Cady Way Trail - near Fashion Square Mall just north of the post office
Mapquest Address: 821 Herndon Ave., Orlando, FL 32803
Mileage: 3 Miles - easy pace

Sorry---No restrooms available. Please bring your own hydration. We will be doing stretches before and after our walk. No cellphones or ipods please.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!