Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's Talk about your Fanny....

PACK.... :)

A fanny pack is a must have for the 3-Day. It holds everything you will need for this incredible journey! If you haven't got one yet, hop to it. It's important to train with your pack. Walking changes when you add this pack to your hips. Your stride changes and new muscles get used...and may hurt at the end of the day.

Here's mine....

I keep everything in it....water bottles, sunscreen, rainponchos, cell phone, wallet... EVERYTHING!

But let's talk about Blister Packs. Let's face it... You WILL get blisters! (sorry, but it's true!) So you might as well be prepared to deal with them! Blister packs are important. Yes, on event there are medical teams at Pit Stops to help but training walks are a different story so you need to be prepared.

Here's what's in my blister pack.

Band-aids are a must...just buy stock in the company and make a little money from the blisters on your feet! :) You will love the's made for those hot spots so blisters won't appear. Neosporin will help those blisters that do appear heal fast naturally. NO, don't POP those blisters! Evil!!!

I also keep this tube in my pack....

Bodyglide is great on feet and toes to prevent's not our friend! Also great for those other areas that...em, well...don't like to rub together for hours upon end! Thighs, upper arms, know what I am talking about.

And here's another option in Bodyglide....

But I would suggest to use this one at the end of the day. The heat of Ben-gay mixed with Bodyglide might cause some areas to HEAT up and that might be an uncomfortable feeling. :D

Ok...These are just some tips I learned from last year. :)

I will have posts later in training what else goes in that fanny pack...yes, there's more stuff! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
do we need both the 'chafing gel' AND 'body glide'? I already have body glide, wondering if I should carry both.
Thanks for all your info!

'A Girl's Breast Friend'

Amy said...

I found that the chafing gel worked better on legs and upper arms while the body glide was AWESOME on feet and toes! My advice is to see what works for you. Try them both and see what works for you. :D