Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Training Tip of the Week!

Training Tip of the Week: How To Handle The Heat

To help prepare for hot weather conditions that you may experience during the 3-Day you must train under conditions similar to those of the event itself. It will be cool when the walk begins in the early morning but quickly heat up by the afternoon. For these reasons, you must include training walks during the hotter parts of the day. You also should vary your walking terrain to include sidewalks, trails, asphalt and hills. Conditions that mimic the actual 3-Day will help your body adjust and be prepared for the event.

Carry a water bottle with you at all times to help you monitor how much fluid you are consuming. For long walks over 45 minutes add a sports drink as well. Hydration is key to keeping you cool. There will be trays of cold water at all of the pit stops along the route. Bring a bandana or two to dip in the ice water and wrap it on your head or neck. Do this at every pit stop.

It also is important to wear lightweight clothing. Look for material that will breathe and reflect the rays of the sun. Dress in layers so that you can remove clothing as the day becomes hotter. Apply sunscreen and carry it with you on your walks to reapply. Most importantly, pay close attention to your body and stop and rest in the shade if you get too hot or tired.

If you begin to get hot, do not push yourself. Rest at the pit stop and get fluids and a snack. If you need help getting to the next pit stop, signal a sweep vehicle to take you there. Take advantage of the air conditioned sweep vehicles to cool down and rest. Check in with medical at the pit station if you have any signs of dizziness, nausea, or chills. If you need to get off the route, there are buses that will take you to lunch to await the opening of camp. Once camp is open, you will be taken there by bus.

Once in camp, do not go immediately to the showers. Give your body time to rest and equilibrate. It is best to rest, get a snack and something to drink. Do not rest in your tent if it is too hot as you can overheat. Find a shady spot in camp and rest there. Once you are rested, then go to the showers.

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