Thursday, September 07, 2006

Attention Tampa Bay Walkers....

Ok…. So I have done a little bit of detective work regarding the route. No…it is not finalized yet nor can I share all the details…sorry, the joys of crew captain secrecy! :)

After doing a quick look at the map, I think we all need to add a little more sun and hills to our walks. Let me explain….Day 1 will have some gorgeous views (yeah) but there is also very little shade (boo). Some mid-day walks would be idea to prepare for this. Also, hills will be a part of the walk. I know you are thinking…duh, Amy, Florida is flat! How do we have hills? Well, the answer is simple….BRIDGES! We will have several bridges that we will be crossing. These bridges are not necessarily all over water…most are actually over intersections. But they still have inclines up and down!

Day 2’s route will offer a few different challenges. We will be doing lots of sidewalk walking. I have decided to add one more downtown Orlando walk on September 23rd to get us ready for that.

These are just a few things I want to prepare everyone for! I know together we can do this! :)

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