Monday, June 05, 2006

Training Tip of the Week - Foot Care

Ok... I didn't get my Tampa Bay Virtual Trainer this week so I am pulling for the San Diego one... :)

Training Tip of the Week: Foot Care – Shoes and SocksProper shoe and sock selection before the event is key to keeping your feet healthy and preventing blisters and other problems with your feet. Buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are a little swollen and ensure that your shoes are the correct size and fit the architecture of your foot. Have your foot measured for length and width for proper fit.

Shoes that are too short or are too tight can cause problems. The widest part of the shoe should bend naturally where your foot is the widest and have ample room to wiggle your toes in the toe box. If your toenails discolor or you have tingling or numbness in your toes, your shoes may be too small. Break them in by slowly increasing the amount of time spent in them and alternate at least two pairs of shoes throughout your training. Do not wear brand new shoes to the event.

Look for lightweight shoes that breathe (avoid synthetic leather shoes). All terrain type shoes are great for the different road surfaces you may encounter during the event. Check the heel counter of your shoes. It should be firm and not collapse easily when heel cushion in strike area is pushed down. Look for removable insoles that can be washed and dry quickly between wearing.

Choose a sock that pulls moisture away from your feet. Synthetic socks such as “Coolmax” or “Dryfit”, or wool socks are better than pure cotton for keeping your feet dry. Try wearing two socks or double-layered socks. Make sure that the socks fit well and don’t bunch up in any areas. Plan on changing to clean, dry socks halfway through the day. Plan on two pairs of clean, dry socks for each day of the event. If your socks are still wet, try foot powder or spraying your feet with antiperspirant.

Use powders that are especially designed for feet. Cornstarch has a sugar base and may not be a good choice if you are prone to fungal infections or athlete’s foot. You also may try Glide or Vaseline to help prevent friction.

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