Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Topic of the Week - Pretty Toes

Ok... it's sandal season and you want pretty toes!
Before you book that next pedicure, hear me out!
I love a great pedicure just as much as the next walker... but leave the callauses! I know you are thinking, "yuck! I don't want rough spots on my feet." Fine, file the rough spots but leave the thicker layer of skin! Your training is helping to condition your feet for this incredible journey. Don't defeat (no pun intended!) the purpose! Keep the callauses soft and suptle. Totally removing them with chemicals or shaving is a bad move. I have seen plenty of walkers train for months to only get a pedi the week of the event and not stop their pedicurist from removing them.
Be kind to those feet! Get the feet massaged and toes painted pink! :)


Anonymous said...

My pedicurist actually talked me into leaving mine and I'm glad she blisters (yet)! She is also offering to help with my fundraising efforts by donating some of her profits for a day to the cause. Don't forget to talk it up!!!

missy said...

thanks for ALl the GREAT advice you give us! I read them ALL :o)