Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tip of the Week - HYDRATION

Ok… topic of the week… Hydration.

Yes, you need to drink! I think they covered that pretty well at the Getting Started Meetings or any Training Walk you may have attended. But let’s break this down. You walk, you sweat, you lose fluids, you need to replace them. Plain and simple.

Water and Gatorade are a must for every 3-Day walker and crew member! You should be drinking a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade every two to three miles when walking or for every hour of cardiovascular activity. The water keeps your muscles from cramping and the Gatorade helps keep your electrolytes in balance. With this balance, your 3-Day will be a great experience.

I have heard lots of comments about Gatorade… I don’t like the flavor, it tastes funny, too many calories. Let me address this. 1. Flavor – there are several BASIC flavors on the 3-Day. Nothing fancy…red, orange, yellow, blue. Like I said basic! 2. Taste – same thing. Basics here too! 3. Calories – listen, yes, it has calories BUT you are burning TONS of calories on this event. Your body needs sodium, potassium and chloride that are essential for hydration and muscle function.

So start drinking up! A hydrated body is a happy body. As fabulous as the medical team is, you don’t want to have to meet them on event, unless it’s as you cross the finish line and they are cheering you on! Remember, Drink + Pee = No IV.

Walk and talk with you soon.
Amy :)


our3dayjourney said...

Thanks for the useful info., Amy. I knew that water and Gatorade were musts, but I didn't realize that one of each should be consumed every hour! I drank one of each over an 8 mile walk around Baldwin Park yesterday. And, after mile 6, I rewarded myself with a Barnie's iced tea, which actually did nothing for me, but since I bought it, I drank it. Next time I'll have to step up my fluid intake, I guess, especially when I choose to walk in the middle of a hot sunny Florida day!

God bless,
Vickie, first time walker : )

Amy :) said...

Hi Vickie~
Yes, fluids are so important... especially during hot weather. I have seen too many walkers (and crew) not stay hydrate and miss out on the event. By getting used to drinking both water and gatorade now, you will have a great 3-Day!


Concierge Star said...

Hi Amy! Since I don't eat or drink any sugar (unless it's completely natural - none of that refined stuff) or high fructose corn syrup anymore, I had to find an alternative to my beloved Gatorade... Electrolyte Stamina Power Pack sold at Vitamin Shoppe has done wonders during my training!

Just wanted to pass that on in case some people are weary about the sugar. :)

See you soon!