Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's talk fanny.....

Hey there walkers (& crew)…

Ok… you have gotten the training schedule and started fundraising and may have even taken a walk around the block or two. So let’s talk about another important piece of equipment in your 3-Day venture. Your fanny pack!

YES, you need a fanny pack. Or at least something to put things in…it’s like a purse for your hips! ;) There are certain essentials that you will need for an event like this. The 3-Day is not just a walk around the park. There will be varied terrain and weather and you need to be prepared.

Now here is my previous fanny pack (Anthony is now the proud owner of this one...minus the frog! He's mine!)

Ok… disclaimer time again! I will give lots of advice in the blog, but by no means is this the gospel. This is just advice….take it or leave it!

You do not need to spend a lot of money on this. But there are a few things to consider when purchasing this. A pack with two water bottle holders is best….HONEST! Plus it acts as a balancer for your hips. Plus one bottle for water, one for Gatorade! (learn to like it… it will save your butt!)

Plus you will need a zippered section to keep your wallet/ID or ICE (In Case of Emergency contact), extra socks, blister pack (more information later), sunscreen (skin & lips), rain poncho, cell phone (which is off and not to be used while walking), body glide and other miscellaneous things. I know it sounds like I just listed a ton of stuff but it will fit in that pack. The key is Ziploc bags…yes, Ziploc bags! They keep things organized in a small space and they make everything waterproof. Yes, most of this stuff will get wet. Either a freak rainstorm (ha) or loose water bottle top will test this… I promise!

Wal-Mart has a good pack in the sporting goods section for $10. Target has a slighter more durable version for $20. I have used both… The $10 one was ok but the straps wore thin… the $20 one made it through three 3-Days and lots of training walks. You decide. Both of these versions come with water bottles BUT they were not good bottles. They were hard plastic bottles with narrow openings. I would suggest investing in $4 bike bottles. They are made of soft plastic, have a pop top on them and have wide mouths. These will be easier to fill with ice and you won’t need to unscrew the cap when you want to take a drink. Well worth the investment!
If you can’t stand something around your waist, you may want to invest in a Camelback. These are hydration backpacks. They are a little more expensive but great as well plus they can cool your back if you fill them with ice! Just remember, you will want one with some extra space for the other things. Sports Authority has lots for you to try. If you find one you like, you may be able to get it cheaper online.

As far as the other things I mentioned for your pack --- wallet/ID or ICE – accidents happen. You need to have some identification and contact info, especially if you train alone.

Extra socks – on event you will want to change your socks at lunch time. Why? Feet sweat! Your feet will be happy and happy feet make happy walkers.

Blister pack – This one worries people. The blister pack is meant to be a preventative measure. There is a 99.9% chance of getting a blister either during training or on event. It’s great to have the tools you need to take care of it. By no means and I saying that you need to lance it 5 miles into your day! Just the opposite! Blisters should NEVER be popped! NEVER! Blisters are the body’s way of protecting itself. If you get a blister, leave the skin in place and apply a bit of Neosporin and top with a Band-Aid. They tend to heal quickly if taken care of. So your blister pack should have the following things: Neosporin, Band-Aids, moleskin (for hot spots), baby powder (keeps feet dry), manicure scissors (to cut moleskin), toe sleeves (check Walgreens…these are great!) and blister Band-Aids. All of this will fit great in a quart size FREEZER Ziploc bag. Hint, hint!

Here's mine!

Sunscreen – A MUST HAVE! We are walking for Breast Cancer, there is no sense in getting skin cancer in the process! You will want a sports sunscreen… 30 SPF minimum! Try a couple versions to find what works for you. You want one that is sweat proof and won’t burn your eyes! While in the sunscreen aisle, check out the lip protection! Most people don’t think of their lips until it’s too late. Again minimum SPF of 30. Sun poisoning on your lips is horrible… right Anthony! Or should I say Angelina! ;)

Rain poncho – It’s Florida, it will probably rain. If not on event, definitely during training! You can get them for 99 cents. Buy three just in case because if you do use it, folding it back up to fit in the little tiny pouch is impossible. Plus it makes a great ground cover at lunch and pit stops.

Cell phone – THIS IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. I know I sound like a broken record, but cell phones are not allowed on the route of the 3-Day… period! It is a safety hazard to you, other walkers and crew members on event. If you need to use your phone on the route, step off and while standing still or sitting, use the phone. Better yet, wait until a pit stop or lunch to make that call. If you use your phone on event, I will probably be the one yelling at you! The route safety and sweep teams see everything and we just want you to be safe! :)

Body Glide – What a fabulous product! I think this literally saved a few butts on event… mine included.
This type of distance walking causes skin to rub. Rubbing is BAD! Body glide comes in a deodorant type stick container so no messy hands or gooey feeling like with Vaseline. It’s great for feet, toes, heels, upper arms, thighs, knees …and even a few other areas! Wink, wink! I would highly recommend getting your own because you will not want to share… especially if you know where other people may be putting it! ;) This is available at Sports Authority or at a bike shop.
Just beware of the Body Glide with the RED cap. This is the Ben Gay version. Great for after the walk but may cause some issues on the walk itself. It can heat up really fast!!!

As far as miscellenous stuff, you will find out through training. I included a yoga strap for stretching and Destin baby ointment for road rash (this is the best!... takes the burn and stinging out almost immediately). I also have a dry wick towel that I attached to my pack. A golf towel works too… just something to keep the sweat out of your eyes plus it was a great way to keep my hands busy to keep “sausage fingers” under control!

Ok… I think this covers the fanny….pack! ;) We can do a fanny pack workshop if that would help. Just let me know! ;)

Walk and talk to you soon.

Amy :)

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Anonymous said...

do you have a brand name for the fanny pack you bought at Target? I hate to shop, and would rather be able to walk in and identify it. :)