Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting Ready...

Hey there walkers…

I know many of you’re a very anxious to start training….but patience is a virtue. I am planning walks based on the Tampa Bay training schedule but I will be including training schedule for all 14 walks.

Orlando is a very diverse area in the 3-Day world. We have walkers and crew participating in 13 out of 14 cities! WOW!! I think San Francisco scared a few people away!! ;) It scares me…. Lots of HILLS! Because we are so diverse, I will be doing many walks with options to help accommodate these mileage differences.

I know there are several first time walkers...congrats and welcome to a wonderful and supportive community. You are never alone on the 3-Day! :) I would suggest that you start your 3-Day experience by reading… what…. Amy, have you lost your mind? This is about walking….let’s walk! Not so fast, there are lots of things to consider before hitting the trail, road, sidewalk, beach, water… oops, we don’t walk on water! ;) Your walker handbook has lots of great information in it so you should take a quick read to get yourself acquainted with it! (No, there will not be a test!)

Before you lace up those sneakers and hit the road, let’s talk about those sneakers. This will be your biggest investment! Don’t take it too lightly! Yes, sneakers can be expensive but remember that your feet will be walking 60+ miles in three days and 571 miles of training (if you do the 24 week training schedule to a tee!) In 5 events, I have seen just about everything bad that can happened to feet happen! Not to me but I have seen it! If you want to be able to look back on your 3-Day experience with fond memories, invest in the sneakers!
[I will give lots of advice in the blog, but by no means is this the gospel. This is just advice….take it or leave it! (yes, this is my disclaimer!)]

I would advise being professionally fitted for your sneakers. TrackShack is a great source for this. You need to tell the sales person what you are doing so they can determine the best fit for you. Also, you can get fitted at TrackShack and then buy your shoes somewhere else. Totally up to you. The New Balance stores will also fit you. I have used NBs from the first step of my very first training walk. I have never had a major problem. A couple that might have been my fault…ie socks and toenails but never a problem from the fitting.

Where ever you buy sneakers, ask about there return policy. If they don’t work for you, don’t keep them. Most places are really good about this.

Once you have found the shoes, onto socks! Yes, socks are extremely important. I have tried almost every sock on the planet…. Cheap one, expensive ones.. you name them, I’ve had them! Last year, Thorlos was a sponsor of the 3-Day. They gave samples out to all walkers. Not the best sock for me BUT I did find out that there was a Thorlos OUTLET on I-Drive. I went in there WITH my sneakers and they let me try on almost every sock until I found the right level for me! (Level 1 walkers) The outlet will be a little cheaper than if you order them online and the additional benefits of trying them on with your sneakers is great!

Ok…. Sneakers and socks… That’s a good start. :)

I will be adding a new topic every week so add me to your favorites!

Walk and Talk to you soon!

Amy :)

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