Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 8th - Disneyland

Ok, day two of our time away. Well we were wide awake way too early this 5:20am...a lovely wake up call from the East Coast! Lovely!

So there we were off to a great breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen however, Wallie and Faith had a slightly different idea of how to start the day. They stoled our camera and went on a little adventure of their own. Be on the look out for their photos to get online really soon.

Well, we finally caught up with them there were running around California Adventure and causing trouble...yes, they must be from Lakeland! :)

We went to Disneyland later in the day and did a whole bunch of fun things...Indiana Jones, new Pirates ride and the haunted Manison all decked out for the holidays...way cool.

Back to the room for a quick rest of the feet and then off to dinner at the ESPNZone.'s now time for bed.....I must sleep.

HUGS! :)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great first day. I am so proud that you are finally doing it. I want to hear all about the opening and starting with all those people.
I just now finished my registration for Phoenix. I am commited (or should be). My Mom registered yesterday to crew tampa with me. We might need to re-think the bike thing. She wants us to do something together and I don't see her on a bike for three days.
Give Jeff a hug for me and give Julie a kiss. Hugs and kisses out to you Amy. See you when you get back.