Sunday, November 12, 2006

San Diego 3-Day ---- DONE!

Ok... First of all I want to apologize for not getting this posts up sooner. This 3-Day has been a definitely challenge! Challenge being the key word. First of all, Julie and I are fine and we have finished the walk basically unscathed. Not the say things didn't arise along the way.

If you are thinking of doing San Diego in 2007, one word of advice...MOVE! To San Diego! Despite all of our training walks and days of incline treadmill training and even some walks in Clermont, nothing could prepare us for what we would encounter. Even people who live in San Diego said this walk was tough!

Day one~ Getting over 5,000 participants and their family and friends into one location can be a challenge. Opening ceremonies started 30 minutes late, thus pushing everything back. Then getting everyone out on the route...which was absolutely goregous, was interesting. We started the route with a hill..surprise, surprise. We then made our way up to the Pacific Coast Highway and along the coast up to Torre Pines Reserve. Well, that's when the fun began. There was a pit stop at the bottom of the hill who should I say...mountain. Well, after some refueling we trudged up that hill. Well, I unfortunately got a touch of food poisoning on Thursday night, thus proving that even the training walk leader is subject to visits to the medical tent. By the top of the hill, my "refueling" efforts were left at the top of the hill...if you know what I am saying. ;) Thank goodness for the medical director at the top of the mountain..I mean hill. Well, that's when I got to experience the another aspect of the 3-Day...the medical tent! I was bussed to lunch where I then sent the next 2 hours with Captain Jack Sparrow...AKA the Head of Medical Services. During this time, the captain and other mates of the ship pulled my credientials and red carded me...blasted squally wags. So before my journey on the medical transport express, I touched base with Julie, being the trooper she is up those hills and more hills. She was doing ok...just some aches and pains of all those hills. So as Julie started another hill...way to go Julie, I climbed into a Chevy Impala and was chaurferred back to camp. I was welcomed at camp by a lovely staff of red shirted medical angels...or devils. They ushered me back to my own personal burrito wrapper and hooked me up to the blood pressure cuff from hell. Well, other 2 and 1/2 hours in the wrapper, they cut me loose! Thank god! There is nothing that 10 hours of sleep won't cure! Thank goodness Jeff was here to take care of me! :) Julie finished Day One with a new appreciation of bio-freeze and motrin. Way to go Julie! You ROCK! ;)

Ok...enough about Day One...and I am pooped so I am off to bed. Day 2 and 3 tomorrow! :)

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