Monday, November 13, 2006

San Diego 3-Day - Day 2

Ok...I am back. Rested and wide awake! ;)

Day 2~ Well, my morning started with a line...yes, line at the medical tent. There was at least 50 people in line ahead of lie! But lucky me...I have the red ticket..I mean card so I get to cut to the front of the line...yeah, me, I'm in the front of the pack! ;) So now Captain Jack's first mate gave me the once over and told me to drink, drink, drink...duh! Once I took the oath never to visit them again, I was given my credientials back..YEAH!

Julie and her team were already out on the route, enjoying the great views along the way. As I set out with Liz, sweep captain from Tampa, we took in all the sites, waves, sand, cheering kids, cute joggers ;) The pit stops were great and the cheer stations were incredible. There is nothing to get you motivated to conquer another mountain like a little boy holding a sign that says "Go Walkers I love you mommy".... come on, how can you not at least try the mountain!

Well, try the mountain we shall....up the hill, up the hill, up the hill. :) Lunch was at a great park on the ocean where Saturday soccer games and rugby matches were taking place. Lots of people and support. We then passed a dog beach with lots of dogs wearing pink to show their support. :) We then turned onto Sunset CLIFFS Blvd...we should have known by the name we were in trouble. Yes, it was a cliff! Up the cliff we went, one step at a time with lots of supporters along the way. It's amazing what chocolate and smiles can do to weary feet and legs. :) At the top of the cliff....ooops Hill, I hooked up with the Diversity sweep team...supporting everyone from AA-DD! Gotta love them! ;) Thank goodness for them...they saved me from...yes, get this... Hill Street. It's great that the city of San Diego was kind enough to actually name their street as a description of the terrain! No lie the incline was at least 45 degree angle...ouch! Well, I swept to the top or at least what I thought was the top....there was more! So up Hill Street I go and then down, down, down. The views of downtown San Diego were incredible. I met with some amazing women on the downward trek from the hill. Their stories and great attitudes definitely keep you going. Plus I had the opportunity to talk some of them into crewing as well. :) GO CREW!

There was also another great pheomenon that happens on the San Diego 3-Day...the San Jose Police Department Bike Squad. 32 of San Jose's finest on mountain bikes and in pink...what is there not to love! For those unfamiliar with the geography of California...San Jose is located north...way north near Sacramento. These guys use their vacation time every year to come down here and ride along with us...with boomboxes and lots of they do have a calendar...which I still need to find out where I can buy one! Yes, it's hot! :)

Well, Day 2 ended with a great sunset near SeaWorld. Absolutely beautiful. The sea of blue tents was a welcome sight after a long hard day! Camp is incredible...just imagine 2,000+ tents taking over a state park! Incredible!

Ok...Day 3 to come later! HUGS! :)

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