Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's time! Yes, TB 3-Day Walk 24 Week Training Starts Monday...

Yes, gals and guys... it's final time!  Time to lace up those shoes and get a few miles logged on your training schedule.

Here's the schedule for the week.
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 3 miles - easy pace
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 3 miles - moderate pace
Friday - 30 minutes - easy cross training
Saturday - 3 miles - easy pace
Sunday - 3 miles - easy pace

You have to love a training schedule that starts with REST!!!  ;)

The key right now is to get out and walk... not speed walk... just walk!  Don't forget to bring a water bottle and hydrate.  We'll talk more about hydration, stretching, fanny packs, shoes, socks, blisters, sports bras, comfy shorts... yea, we talk about everything!  :)


Kitty Hart said...

I'm so glad you let us know about your blog! I wish I had someone to give me guidance last year for my first walk. Hopefully some newbies will pay attention to your blog and conversations about things such as clothing!
Kitty Hart

Yo Sista said...

Thank you for taking the time out to blog...this is Team Twisted Sisters first walk and we are both very excited about doing it, but we also have a lot of questions! So Thank You we will diffently take part in your blogs!!
Happy Walking
Twisted Sisters
St. Cloud