Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy 2011!

Yikes... am I late?  January has flown by and time to rock the 3-Day world. 

We are having a Getting Started Meeting here in Orlando next Thursday (2/17).  Go to http://www.the3day.org/ and click the Get Involved tab and then Get Started Meeting.  You can RSVP there and get directions.

Can't wait to see you all then!  :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inforamation. I've had two good female friends die from breast cancer...one was 47 and the other was 36...very, very sad! I plead with every woman I know to get that regualar doctor's exam and to do routine self exams in the shower. The 30's and 40's are WAAAAAAAY to young to be dying.

A Man Concerned about the Women in his life!

Anonymous said...

Please pass along to all of your followers that if they want the latest information on this horrible disease they need look no further than their local public library! The Orange County Library System has lots of information (both books and periodicals) on the topic of breast cancer. Much of this is even available at their website (www.ocls.info) and all it takes is a valid library card. You can even reserve materials for free home delivery if you live in the service area. Call the library today at 407-835-7323 for more information.

Kenneth Gibert
Branch Manager
Hiawassee Branch Library
Orange County Library System

Anonymous said...

Actually, when I had my own breast cancer scare a few years back the Orando library was a godsend. At the time, we had no computer access at home and the library computers helped me find out a lot of info that I wouldnt have otherwise had access to. I also got some books on the subject that helped me know what kinds of things to look out for and what to ask my doctor. The library rocks.

Anonymous said...

The library is a great place for info just like the other posters said. There's all kind of great info there. I found stuff to help my mom through a health issue (not cancer) she had a few years back and we go there regualarly. Their DVD area is amazing and my daughter loves the story times they do each week. Right now I owe them a little bit of money but will soon return. The home delivery is like no place we have ever lived.