Thursday, July 08, 2010

I cried today...

I don't do this often but I just heard news that caused me to weep! :(

A 3-Day friend was diagnosed last Friday with BC!

I am saddened by this horrible news and to know another woman must endure the battle. I am shocked to hear this 36 year young woman must put on the pink gloves. I am enraged that we haven't found the cure yet! I am pissed... plain and simple!

This news has reignited a fire within me. Today, we plan. Tomorrow, we fight. And then we conquer! Let's fight the fight!


Keri said...

I was in shock this week to hear the same news, Amy. You always have a way to make me smile even when I don't think I can.
You are absolutely right, today we plan. Tomorrow, we fight. And then we conquer. Beautiful words from a beautiful person FOR a beautiful and remarkable person.

Skeetersmum said...

Amy, that is so sad. God be with your friend and wow! you are very inspiring! Your blog is amazing..very informative. See you in Tampa, if not in Orlando before then for training walks. Denise