Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Monday.... and start of Training for Tampa!

Happy Monday all~
And so starts the 24 week training program for Tampa. Yes, 24 short weeks from now you will be embarking on a great journey... but now we have to get in training mode.

Anyone who is participating in any of the earlier SGK 3-Day for the Cure events has started their training... right? ;)

Training is necessary... plain and simple! I have met walkers along the way that think, "it's only walking, how hard can that be?" OK... walking is not hard, but walking 60 miles is a test of stamina, proper nutrition and hydration and calloused feet! No joke! The training schedule allows even a non-athlete (myself included) to get your body ready for the journey. It is a slow and steady build up in mileage and adds the much needed cross training to get your body conditioned. Of course, I believe that any training program that starts with a day of REST rocks!!! ;)

I will post the weekly training schedules according to what every cities you are participating in and the mileage and cross training minutes you should aim for that week. Remember, these schedules are guidelines. If you miss a mile or two, not a big deal. The key is to be as active as you can. Your body needs to get used to extended activity. The training schedule really gets crucial once you are about 6 weeks out from event.

Congrats on beginning the journey! You can do it!
Amy :)

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